The LBF Global Sock Initiative aims to provide every homeless person in the world with a pair of socks. The LBF enables communities to work together to help those who are in need of a simple pair of socks.

The Birth of Knock Knock Give a Sock

One cold night in November, Adina Lichtman, founder of Knock Knock Give a Sock was handing out sandwiches to people experiencing homelessness in NYC when one man approached her…. “It’s great that you’re giving out sandwiches,” he said, “but one thing we really need is socks, especially as winter approaches.” Helping is about listening, and hearing the needs of different communities. It was a powerful lesson, and one that inspired Adina, who that night, began going door-to-door at NYU’s dorm complex. She asked if people would donate just one pair of their own socks to someone experiencing homelessness. To her surprise, she was able to collect over 40 pairs of socks in a single night, from a single floor in her NYU dorm. The next morning, she walked out of her dorm room to find a huge pile of socks in front of her door from other people who had heard of her efforts the previous night. That’s when the initiative Knock Knock Give a Sock was created.

The Lucosky Brookman Foundation is teaming up with organizations that specialize in collecting socks and other articles of clothing for the homeless, including KKGS. We seek to expand and create sock drives and awareness in schools, colleges, youth sports teams and businesses across the tri-state area and beyond.